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A small town July 4th

Growing up in a small Texas town, I remember all of the fun we had on July 4th.  There were fireworks out at the lake at Mary & Tommy’s cabin with Courtney.  There was the big “city” fireworks display at the park with Mel and her family.  While living in Arlington, Texas, we always planned on going to the 4th of July parade downtown but never made it.  It was either too hot, too crowded or both.  It was really nice getting to celebrate our country’s independence this year here at our new hometown.  The holiday kicked off the night before with fireworks and live music at our municipal airport.  The 80’s cover band was so good at doing Van Halen that Jeff and I thought it was a radio when we first got there.  There were even fried Twinkies, fried cheesecake and funnel cakes.  But best of all, there were plenty of parking spaces and room for everyone to enjoy the festivities.  And we didn’t even have to get there hours early to score a good parking spot!!!  If you ask Liam what was the highlight of the night he’d tell you the port-a-potty.  I’m not sure why but he has a thing about those.  He says “it’s disgusting but it’s so cool”.  Go figure!  Glad he has a daddy who will take him in there because I don’t go within ten feet of them!

On the morning of the fourth, we traveled up to Pawhuska for their annual non-motorized parade.  I admit… I had grand ideas of horses and bicycles by the dozen.  While the turnout wasn’t quite what I had envisioned, there were plenty of cute kids and pets decked out in red, white and blue to celebrate July 4th.  The city event also had a live band at the gazebo and free hot dogs and homemade apple cobbler nearby.  I think my favorite “float” from the parade was a duck hunting boat that held children dressed as George Washington and another patriot, riding that boat like they were crossing the Delaware.  Liam also enjoyed playing in the city park.  

20140704 PawhuskaEntrance


20140704 CullenCloseUp







The night of the fourth ended on a high note with Liam and his daddy setting off the fireworks we bought in town.  While we didn’t have nearly as many – and they weren’t nearly as large – our little fireworks display was a lot of fun just because Liam and Cullen enjoyed it so much.  Wherever you were, we hope you had a wonderful July 4th surrounded by those you love!

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