First visit to the Tulsa Zoo

It’s funny.  I thought once I was a full-time wife and mom I would have more time to do things I enjoy like blogging and reading.  Haha.  Joke’s on me.  I go for days (or weeks) without opening up the trusty ‘ol laptop, and since I hate typing emails or anything long on my smart phone, I don’t get around to sending as many emails to friends, looking online for inspiration or getting on this blog to actually post something.  

With kindergarten right around the corner, Mimi and Popaw traveled up from Texas to visit last week.  We had a wonderful time and took Popaw to the Tulsa Zoo, which was the first visit for us all.  We really enjoyed it – especially their dinosaur exhibit.  Well, actually Liam really loved it.  Cullen wasn’t a big fan of the dinos!

Liam found his favorite dino - T-Rex!

Liam found his favorite dino – T-Rex!

Cullen just wanted out of there!

Cullen just wanted out of there!

I’ve mentioned it before: I know our move to Skiatook was a complete God thing.  Our family is meant to be here.  This time last year I never would have thought we’d be living in Oklahoma.  While I had hopes of one day being a full-time wife and mom, we didn’t know how that would happen but here I am.  My days are very full with appointments, trips to the library, lots of playing, lots of hugs and quite a few trips to the snow cone stand outside of Tractor Supply.  It’s hard some days too.  Liam has physical therapy and we’ll be starting occupational therapy soon – we’re having more good days than bad, but the bad days sometimes make me want to crawl in a dark closet and just cry.  I’m in the process of having my professional license as an Interior Designer transferred from Texas to Oklahoma and needed a passport-style picture for my application.  I actually said to Jeff yesterday that we needed to get it done after church since I would have my hair fixed and make-up on, both on the same day.  I haven’t yet stocked my closet with only yoga pants, however, because I have to have pockets.  When carrying Cullen, my purse, Cullen’s backpack and the bag of drinks/snacks, those pockets are a must for the car keys!  

Cullen is up from his nap and Liam’s episode of “Mighty Machines” is drawing to a close so it’s back to “mommy duties” for now.  I have a baby to snuggle.  🙂

Mimi and Popaw, we loved your visit and can’t wait for you to come back up north of the Red River again soon!

It was hot and humid when we stopped to have a snack next to the elephants.

It was hot and humid when we stopped to have a snack next to the elephants.

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