Life, lessons & a return (hopefully) to writing

A lot of life has happened since I last posted. Many, many times I’ve thought I should just scrap the blog. I don’t have time. Life’s too crazy. But I miss writing, and honestly, I hate relying solely on Facebook to document our family’s story. This isn’t going to be a long post. Mostly, it’s just to get me started back into updating the blog and sharing snippets with family and friends (or whomever actually reads this). But also, I hope it’s a scrapbook of sorts that my sons can come back to years from now and see the ups, the downs of our family.

Liam, now 10, has developed a love of all things “dirt bike”. He loves riding, especially now that his dad also has a dirt bike. With 10 acres at our new home (I’ll have to post that update later), the boys – including the 44 year-old boy – are happiest outside on their bikes and ATV’s.

Yesterday Jeff took the boys to a dirt bike store where Liam “tried on” a bigger bike for the fun of it. Seeing this picture reminded me of someone else who loved to ride.

Liam and my dad, his Popaw Tommy, have always liked many of the same things. Mexican food. “American Pickers“. And apparently the need for speed.

2018 was an interesting year for our family. A flip house. A lay-off. A new job that meant picking up and moving to the OKC-area, leaving many friends behind in Skiatook. There were lots of great memories. There were also days of tears and frustration but we made it through together, and we were once again reminded that our plans are great but ultimately it’s His plan for our lives that we submit to especially during the tough times when we can’t see where we are heading nor why.

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