About Me

Welcome to gingham&grace.  While blogging isn’t entirely new to me, gingham&grace documents this new chapter in my life.  For me, it started with a desire to live more simply.  I had the big house full of stuff – more stuff than a family of four could possibly want or need.  I had the job that kept me busy and focused on all things work-related, even when the kids were sick or I had some rare down-time at home.  I had all of the stores and restaurants I could possibly want minutes from our Texas home.  But I was missing something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  Grace.  Joy.  Simplicity.  The busyness of our life, the “stuff”, the constant rush from one thing to the next was sucking the life out of me.  And then God intervened by throwing us a curve ball – a new job for my husband five hours away in northeastern Oklahoma.  We are settling into our new life here where I have the job of full-time mom, and we are consciously striving to lead a simpler, faith-driven life.

I miss Texas and will always call it home, but I am excited about the adventures my family will encounter here in Green Country.  I’m also excited about the new people I will meet – in person and through this blog, so I hope you will visit often!

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