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Wow.  How did the first half of 2016 fly by so quickly?  Between homeschooling, housekeeping and “momming”, I felt like I could hardly catch my breath.  I kept meaning to update the blog with new pictures but it just didn’t happen.  Learning to re-prioritize my priorities has probably been the biggest lesson I’ve learned now that I’m in my forties.  It’s funny how life’s experiences change you without you really realizing it.  I used to be a sympathetic puker.  If anyone around me made the slightest gagging sound, I would throw up.  Being a mom toughens you up, whether you like it or not.  I’ve been puked on twice in the past few months and it doesn’t phase me now (thankfully).  And those days of making a plan and sticking to it come hell or high water?  Well, those days are gone too.  I first had to learn about being more flexible when I left my job to be a full-time mom.  My day was no longer predictable.  By the time I got to drink my coffee, I was lucky if it was still hot.  Now that I’m homeschooling, plans are great but I’ve learned to accept that some days we might only accomplish one or two things on my “plan” and if it’s 5:00 PM and I’m still in PJ’s with no make-up on, well…. that’s okay too.  Unless I have to go to Walmart.  I haven’t reached that point in my life where I can comfortably wear my PJ’s to Walmart, and let’s just say if I ever do, someone please smack some sense into me.


Homeschooling got off to a good start.  For a few days.  And then we quickly spiraled into the depths of purgatory where it’s a toss up over who cried the most each day – Liam or me.  It was awful.  It was painful.  It was eye-opening.  We know Liam has Sensory Processing Disorder; he was diagnosed with that back in 2014 following a year of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  In the first few weeks of homeschooling it became clear to me that there was more going on.  Some kids have layers like an onion.  You peel back the first layer, after identifying it as SPD only to realize there’s another layer there – for us, it was legal blindness in one eye that is “lazy”.  Years later, we’ve corrected the lazy eye to within ten degrees and he’s wearing bifocal contacts seeing much better.  But there was another layer underneath that we had not identified.  Fast-forward eight months, and here we are in September.  Liam started second grade homeschool last month, and it’s so much better for both of us.  We’ve added in counseling and professional tutoring.  We’ve also received the formal diagnosis of ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder.  I don’t believe in letting a label like SPD/ADHD/ODD define a kid, but for our family we had to know what we are dealing with so that we could seek out the best professionals, resources and techniques to get us through the struggles so that we can have more good days than bad.

Before filling you in on what we’re up to this fall, I’ll catch you up on things that happened throughout the first part of 2016!  (This will take several posts – we were super, duper busy!)


Getting in some school work!

Getting in some school work!


Who doesn't need a Cookie Monster donut every now and then??

Who doesn’t need a Cookie Monster donut every now and then??

At the Tulsa Children's Museum Discovery Lab, the kids get to enjoy a rotating interactive exhibit.

At the Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab, the kids get to enjoy a rotating interactive exhibit.

Balls + Dinosaurs = Happy Toddlers

The highlight of our visits to the Discovery Lab is the giant slide made out of plastic.  It's HUGE and so much fun!!

The giant plastic slide is AWESOME!!

Liam began taekwondo in February.  Not only is it a lot of fun, but it's good for his muscles and for learning self-control and discipline.  He has an awesome coach.

Guess who started taekwondo in February!

Candy!  Cullen had a happy Valentine's Day.

Candy! Cullen had a happy Valentine’s Day.

Liam and I enjoy celebrating little milestones in his homeschooling.

Celebrating a homeschool achievement.  🙂

The boys love sitting in their camo recliners and watching a special movie.  They really enjoy the original Lone Ranger.

A little down time with the original Lone Ranger.

Liam turned seven in February and was excited to get the Bumblebee Transformer he had been wanting for a long time.

A special Bumblebee Transformer for Liam’s 7th birthday!

We have a special 4-legged friend at our nearby Ace Hardware store.  One of Liam's special birthday treats was to stop by and play with Aspen.

Aspen, our special friend at the nearby Ace Hardware 🙂

A special dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant was the perfect end to his birthday.

A special dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant was the perfect end to his birthday.


Stay tuned!!!


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